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Homebuyers have countless things to consider when looking for the perfect home - and their family’s health may be at the top of the list. In recent years, the demand for healthy and efficient homes has grown. Many house features either protect or damage our families’ lungs, skin, digestion, sinuses, and even our brain function. In this course, real estate professionals will learn how to recognize and understand healthy home elements. While this course is not an exhaustive list of every possible sustainable design element, it provides a starting point in the healthy house hunting journey.

Course Objectives:

✔ Identify air quality hotspots in the home and how they affect the health of those who live there
✔Compare popular home building materials and recognize unhealthy ingredients
✔Choose cleaners and air purifiers that keep a home clean and healthy
✔Outline what to look for and how to test a home's drinking water
✔Identify the different ventilation systems and add-ons that can improve the indoor air quality in a home

Upon completion of the course, you will receive:

• Certificate of Completion

• Real Estate Professional Toolkit with assets to share with your clients